Propecia brand and finasteride generic

Hair loss is common and natural process in men, women and children. Still when the hair loss becomes the problem, it is not easy to accept it and get along with it.

Millions of men and women are affected by hair loss caused by various factors. Hair loss particularly in men often results from genetics and males sex hormones. Typically the specific pattern of hair loss is called male pattern hair loss and it happens on the front hairline and on the top of the head.

Males’ hair is often affected by the work of testosterone hormone which transforms in its another form and affects the hair follicles. The normal and healthy hair follicles become thinner and weaker, finally they fall out and new hair does not grow.

The significant improvement over current hair restoring techniques happened when the medicine Propecia appeared on the market. This medicine is indicated for restoring hair in men who have male pattern hair loss.

Men, who experience male pattern hair loss, have a great opportunity to use this approved medicine. Propecia contains finasteride component which prevents the conversion of testosterone and thus stops hair loss and contributes to regrowing of new hair.

Hair follicles on the scalp stop getting shrink and become thinner, shorter hair, and can eventually grow hair again.

Propecia is an oral medicine which one has to take every day. It may take months before results are noticed.

Propecia tends to work better in men who only start losing hair in comparison to men who have long history of hair loss.

This effective long term solution to hair loss should be discussed with a doctor. Before using Propecia ask your doctor if you can safely use it.

Propecia is a brand name drug while finasteride is the generic name for its active ingredient. If you want to use generic finasteride ask your doctor about generic options and how to use them.

Propecia comes in tablets containing 1 mg of finasteride for oral use daily. The FDA approved this medicine for use in men only. Women and children must not use this medicine.

Finasteride generic version is a great alternative to Propecia as it can save lots of money for a man taking it regularly.

Men who experience male pattern hair loss have convenient treatment options including brand Propecia and generic version finasteride.

Male pattern hair loss can be prevented by either Propecia or finasteride. Both medicines stop hair loss as they make hair follicles less susceptible to a process called androgenic miniaturization.

Hair follicles start producing hair due to actions of Propecia and finasteride. Still men should remember that both medicines need time to produce the beneficial results.

Propecia works perfectly in many men. The treatment puts a stop to male pattern hair loss and men grow new hair and do not lose more hair than normal.

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